528co, A Toronto Streetwear Clothing brand inspired by the diverse culture of the Greater Toronto Area. Bringing a new wave of Mens and Women's Clothing to the forefront. 

 528co Created and designed by Lloyd Daquiz (@Lloyd528)

528co Introduces Streetcvlture, a collection of Handpicked Vintage Brand name Items giving a wide diversity of products we offer as a company collective

  'Built On Creators' 

528 itself has many meanings, and these meanings will be shown over time. The first and main meaning of the brand is 'Built on Creators'. Playing off of 5 letters, 2 letters then 8.
We are people who just want to create. A brand built around those who just want to create. Building a clothing brand whilst becoming a creative collective platform. Whatever your craft or passion may be, you always want to do more.


The company logo, created by utilizing the roman numerals of 528 in the silhouette of a vibration. creating this wavy pattern shows and means were 'good vibes' 

From the beginning, I wanted to create a culture through with the clothing brand.  Working with various creators in the city of Toronto made it clear that this culture is literally Built on Creators. Holding consistent events to  with local creators whilst collaborating with international creators  528 was created in 2016.

  Photographers, models, dancers, poets, artists, musicians, barbers, . I want to use my multiple platforms to showcase their craft through future